Left bucks Biden over Reade allegations Reply

By Holly Otterbein

Jess Scarane is campaigning for Joe Biden’s old Senate seat with a striking message for a Delaware Democrat: She believes his accuser, Tara Reade.

Scarane, who said she is a victim of sexual assault, tweeted in March that when she listened to Reade talk about her claims, “the assault I experienced as a teen at my first job came rushing back. She was telling my story, too. Almost word for word.” She has called on Chris Coons, the incumbent she is trying to oust and a top Biden ally, to support an investigation.

“I debated sending the tweet that I first did, probably for hours,” she told POLITICO. “Because I was not only exposing my own story, but I think there’s still a lot of fear and potential ramifications by just saying this deserves to be taken seriously.”


Why Elizabeth Warren, Democrats are changing tune on MeToo Reply

#Metoo was never anything more than a  media/corporate/Democratic Party-fueled “satanic panic” that was used to advance the interests of the left-wing of capitalism, the Democratic Party, and cultural war tribalism.  Sexual assault is a real issue and involves real crimes of aggression, but one that was merely exploited by #Metoo. The Tara Reade case shows that the #Metoo pushers were scam artists.

I tend to suspect the accusations against Biden are true. I don’t know much about the accusations of this kind against Trump, but I suspect at least some of them are true because there have been so many of them, and it just sounds like something he would do. I was more skeptical of the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. As for Bill Clinton…

D.C. Bureau Chief of The Intercept Ryan Grim shares the backlash he’s received in response to Tara Reade, and weighs in on Elizabeth Warren’s statement that Biden’s denial to the claims are, “credible and convincing.”

DAM BREAKS as media demands answers from Biden on allegations Reply

It’s somewhat amusing that the presidential campaign has essentially become a contest over who is going to be the “Rapist-In-Chief.” At least the state is being exposed for what it is.

Krystal and Saagar discuss Washington Post, NYT articles that push Joe Biden to address the Tara Reade allegations himself, and look at a Daily Beast report that details women’s groups and prominent feminist figures’ universal silence over the sexual assault allegations. Discuss Vice President hopeful Stacey Abrams comments corroborating Biden based on, “NYT thorough investigation,” despite the Times making edits at Biden’s request on his past inappropriate behavior with women and girls.

Krystal Ball: Bombshell Joe Biden Tara Reade story forces liberal feminists to reckon with silence Reply

Sexual assault is a real and serious issue, but one thing that’s great about the Tara Reade scandal is that it exposes the faux feminism of “#me too” as the New Clerisy-created scam that it was.

Krystal Ball uncovers new Tara Reade evidence from Rich McHugh, who worked with Ronan Farrow on Harvey Weinstein story, reports in Business Insider that Tara’s neighbor has come forward to corroborate her sexual assault allegations.



CNN covers Joe Biden accuser once, covered Kavanaugh accusations 700 TIMES Reply

Of course. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, social media, and the majority of the print media are the propaganda arms of the Democratic Party, left-wing of the ruling class, and the Wall Street-Big Tech-suburban-new clerisy (media, academia, ideas industries) coalition.

FOX, talk radio, some print media (Wall Street Journal, for example) and “Christian broadcasting” are the propaganda arm of the Republican Party, right-wing of the ruling class, and the Armaments-AIPAC-Big Oil-Sunbelt-Big Religion axis.