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Woketivists who decried Joe Rogan endorsement silent on Howard Stern backing Biden

Like most cults, the Democratic Party has both an exoteric and esoteric doctrine. “Wokeness” is the exoteric doctrine that is intended for the purpose of manipulating and motivating the rank and file of true believers (the progressive liberal/social democratic/SJW/Antifa/anarcho-progressive axis) while neoliberalism is the esoteric doctrine of the left-wing of the capitalist class, with the theology of “wokeness” being disseminated by the New Clerisy (for example, televangelists of neoliberalism such as MSNBC commentators).

Yes, plenty of “anarcho-progressives” and others will decry such a comparison, but how many of them plan to faithfully do their woke duty and vote for Biden because Orange Man is a Fascist!!?? For instance, during the primaries Goofy Gillis actually referred to Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang as the “fashiest” of the Democratic candidates, presumably meaning that from Goofy’s “woke anarchist” perspective Biden, Kamala, and Buttigieg (i.e. neoliberal puppets) were more acceptable than the pseudo-mavericks.

Of course, I could provide a comparative analysis of the Republicans.

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