Is the left willing to pay THIS price to claim power?

Krystal is coming along in her ideological evolution.

Attack the System is a far-left revolutionary anarchist tendency that embraces all forms of anti-authoritarianism (pan-anarchism/anarcho-pluralism), crosses over to the radical center (class-based populism, the people vs. the elites), the populist-right (isolationism, anti-state/local control, free association, pro-gun, pro-free speech, anti-tax, individual rights), and the politically disengaged (boycott the system). The Democratic Socialists of American and the Green Party are middle of the road moderates compared to ATS, which is in the Twilight Zone by comparison. Attack the System embraces a much, much wider range of marginal social groups and cultural diversity than the conventional Left.

Attack the System is the true Left. Meanwhile, both the reactionary-Left (socialists, communists, old left anarchists) and the reformist-Left (social democrats, progressives, Greens, left-liberals, anarcho-progressives) need to do five things: 1) recognize neoliberals as the primary enemy; 2) forget Democratic Party loyalty; 3) forget the SJWism and pathological right-wingophobia; 4) put anti-imperialism, anti-statism, and class struggle above cultural politics; and 5) turn their back on “progressive” worship of the public administration state and become anarchists (and not just “anarcho-progressives”).


Krystal Ball looks at a NYT op-ed that showcases what Bernie voters really think of Joe Biden, and discusses the powerlessness of the working people on the left.

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