You Mess with the Dragon, You Get the Fire: A Future for Chinese Anarchism?

China once had a massive anarchist movement in the pre-Mao years.


China has neoliberals and neocons all-a-tizzy about various dangers allegedly posed by a third world country on the other side of the planet. The border between China and the United States is Japan and the Pacific Ocean on one side and Eurasia, Africa and the Atlantic on the other. American hawk nightmares of Chinese power projection are ridiculous, unless one believes the formerly communist clusterfuck economy of the Sino Empire has Star Trek technology.

Nonetheless, there are certain advantages China does have. It has a huge physical productivity, which its vampire economy of CCP and crony corporations leech off of – mostly through export licenses and tariffs/taxes collected along the port cities. This can be funneled into a variety of ends, most of them stupid, including a huge military industrial complex.

It is reasonable to assume that the Chinese are both competent engineers and used to utilizing large armies. In any land war confrontation with the ChiCom Empire would be a nightmare for any nation. They would run out of stockpiles and money very quickly if they mobilized everything – but if they selectively deployed their armies in waves, their ability to throw fresh troops and equipment at invaders should give pause to even the United States military.

The Chinese seem to be culturally xenophobic and content to accept buffer states rather than world domination. They do, however, pose a danger to the region by empowering and punishing regimes of materially inferior states around them. The CCP are definitely not the heroes in Chinese history, but they may have cleared the old medieval chaff away to the point where SinoAnarchism can make a come-back.

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