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Should America Aspire To Be More Like China?

A Marxist-Leninist commie-worshiper makes his case for Xi Jinping’s neo-Maoism. To Western leftists who want to live under state-communism, I always say join the military where you are guaranteed a job and all your basic needs (food, shelter, clothes, healthcare) are provided. Or if the military is not […]

The Coming War on China

John Pilger’s new documentary. Russiahate didn’t get saluted when the Deep State/neoliberal wing of the ruling class/new clerisy alliance ran it up the flagpole. Now the right-wing of the ruling class is countering with Chinahate, and the neoliberal Bidenists are moving “out-Chinahate” the Trumpians. There’s not going to […]

How Should The Left Think About China?

A couple of Jacobin Magazine-style “democratic socialists” engage in a torturous discussion of what the “progressive” rather than “reactionary” view of China should be, and why China is generally bad as opposed to Cuba, which is supposedly generally good. China should be viewed as a backwater province in […]

The Coming Global Debt Crisis?

By William S. Lind Traditional Right A spectre is haunting the world, the spectre of a world-wide debt crisis.  Could the coronavirus epidemic in China be the trigger? World debt levels, both public and private, have reached undreamed heights.  The United States is now running deficits of a […]

US targets Huawei again

My thoughts on the “trade war” with China. Watch here. This week US president Donald Trump declared a national emergency over IT threats. Trump’s long awaited executive order forbids U.S. companies from purchasing telecommunications equipment manufactured by firms posing a “national security risk”.