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Media, Dems unable to admit WHO has big China problem

As I have said before, China and Russia merely represent the leading factions within the global capitalist-financier empire (see Antony Sutton from the right or Hardt and Negri from the left). Their role within the empire is that of rebellious provinces in relation to the dominant American-Atlanticist-Zionist-Wahhabi axis that extends from Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean to the Pacific Rim. They assume the same positions on an international level that individual US states assume on the domestic level. Just as California has latched on to the Democrats and Texas has latched on to the Republicans, China has also attached itself to the Democrats, while Russia has placed its bet on the Republicans.

The Russiahate and Chinahate (and Iranhate and Syriahate) that even many supposed political dissidents in the West, and particularly the US, get into is misplaced. The other supposed “major powers” are merely provincial authorities while the “rogue states” are merely glorified international street gangs.

It’s true that US unipolar hegemony is starting to recede but, as Peter Zeihan has pointed out, the emerging multipolar world will be dominated by France, Turkey, Argentina, and Japan, not Russia or China.

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