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How Should The Left Think About China?

A couple of Jacobin Magazine-style “democratic socialists” engage in a torturous discussion of what the “progressive” rather than “reactionary” view of China should be, and why China is generally bad as opposed to Cuba, which is supposedly generally good.

China should be viewed as a backwater province in global capitalism, whose only purpose is to provide cheap labor and cheap loans to the US, and which would collapse if US capital ever left China. Other than that, China is just another authoritarian state that needs to be overthrown. A New Non-Aligned Movement should support all forms of resistance in China, as the pan-anarchist/pan-secessionist paradigm could easily be applied to places China, India, Pakistan, Russia, etc. because as anarchists we are opposed to states everywhere but other than that the geopolitical focus should be on the Anglo-American-Zionist-Wahhabist empire.

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