‘Crying Nazi’: Judge dismisses two charges against Cantwell

I’ve never been a fan of this guy, but I thought the charges that were put on him sounded like overkill. Apparently, the judge agreed. A thought: We need an “Anarchist Civil Liberties Union,” similar to the American Civil Liberties Union, but which defends all enemies of the state or all those who come under attack by the state, irrespective of ideological considerations and no matter how unsavory the defendants.

By Samantha Baars


Christopher Cantwell posted a tearful video online before turning himself into police. Cantwell video Christopher Cantwell posted a tearful video online before turning himself into police.

Two of three felony charges were thrown out in a more than six-hour-long preliminary hearing November 9 for “Crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell, the New Hampshire man accused of pepper spraying multiple people at the violent August 11 tiki-torch march across the University of Virginia.

Hundreds of white supremacists were in town that weekend for homegrown whites-righter Jason Kessler’s Unite the Right rally, which left three people dead and many injured in its aftermath.

In Cantwell’s case, an Albemarle General District Court judge is allowing one count of illegal use of tear gas to go before the grand jury, after he said Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci was unable to prove that the two victims who brought the charges against Cantwell were actually sprayed by the shock jock, who continues to broadcast his show, the Radical Agenda, from the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.

His supporters, known for their fashy haircuts and white polos and khakis, coordinated new outfits this time. About a dozen of them lined the courtroom’s benches wearing black, some dressed head-to-toe in the color.


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  1. I was embarrassed for him after the Vice News feature on Charlottesville. It is unfortunate that he has ended up in this situation. However, I have seen some of his interviews and at best he comes across as one of those mentally troubled, narcissistic, heroic loser types. He is a walking parody of a kid from the “Kick-ass” movie all grown up. Perfect FBI recruitment material for their “Chumps to be the next Oswald” list.

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