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The Libyan Slave Trade Has Shocked the World. Here’s What You Should Know

Yet another consequence of US imperialism. The American Empire has a lengthy history of laying waste to entire societies, and allowing barbarian cockroaches to emerge in their midst (whether the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, ISIS in Iraq and Syria, or slave traders in Libya).

By Casey Quackenbush


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A video of men appearing to be sold at auction in Libya for $400 has shocked the world and focused international attention on the exploitation of migrants and refugees the north African country.

The footage and subsequent investigation conducted by CNN last month has rallied European and African leaders to take action to stop the abuses. On Wednesday, the leaders of Libya, France, Germany, Chad and Niger and four other countries agreed on a plan to evacuate thousands of migrants stuck in Libyan detention camps.

The grainy undercover video appears to show smugglers selling off a dozen men outside of the capital city Tripoli.


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  1. Hi,

    Gadhafi had a Big Mouth and a Small Brain. He pissed off the Saudis by telling them that he was the King of the Arabs and then he pissed off the Jewish Bankers by stating he was going to produce the African Golden Dollar, which would have destroyed the American dollar. The Saudis have all their money in Jewish banks. Now he had America, Europe, Saudi Arabia and the Jewish bankers against him and he didn’t have nuclear arms. DUH!

    Before he opened his Big Mouth, he should have secretly built nuclear reactors and then build nuclear weapons. Then he could have set about creating the African Gold Dollar.

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