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The Neocons: A Political Correctness of Their Own

Sponsored by none other than former Stalinist turned jingoist David Horowitz.

By Sophia A. McClennon


Academic witch hunts are back: The new McCarthyism, a sign of the stupidity of the post-truth era(Credit: AP/Phelan M. Ebenhack/William J. Smith)

In late November three blocks from the White House, a group of leaders from the so-called alt-right, who many consider to simply be white supremacists, gathered for an annual conference called the National Policy Institute.  Their goal was to discuss and debate the opportunities offered by a Donald Trump presidency for their white nationalist plans. In the wake of a rise in hate crimes, the meeting sent a chill throughout the nation.

But making America whiter “again” is not the only thing we need to fear with a Trump administration. Only two days after the alt-right convention in D.C., Turning Point USA launched Professor Watchlist, a website designed to call out college professors who “discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”

As Rebecca Schuman wrote for Slate, in other circumstances, these might be two unrelated events, but “as the president-elect’s surrogates cite Japanese internment as a ‘precedent’ for what may come, any ‘watch list’ of any sort is worrying.”

Trump’s inability to handle any sort of critique and his bullying of reporters and the media all suggest that we are about to enter an era of censorship, threats to free speech and other forms of suppressing dissent. When the “liberal” media come under attack it generally isn’t long before the “tenured radicals” come under fire, too.


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  1. Under panarchy these fools and prejudiced people could continue to practice then among themselves, at their own risk and expense, whites, blacks, browns, yellows, reds, as if skin colour mattered. Rational and moral people will avoid them or laugh about them and may refuse to trade with them at all or to associate with them in any way.

    They will by their own and successful examples demonstrate also that the rightists and leftists do not have any sound ideas to offer but merely their spleens.

    But at least for a while some of the foolish and prejudiced will still believe that their nature and ideas are superior to all others. Their balances, their failures and their lack of successes under the best possible conditions for their systems, namely 100% voluntary supporters, will soon lead them to many great disappointments. However, the discontented will be free to secede and free to try to establish or join a system, which they think to be better. Thus, step by step, they could come up to the best ones, whose volunteers established them right away, under freedom to do so. As a result the successful ones will be and most likely remain further ahead of them.

    To all people their own free choices – and the consequences of their choices!

    PIOT (Panarchy In Our Time)

    John Zube, john.zube@bigpond.com

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