Did Africans Sell Africans Into Slavery? Let’s Ask Some Africans Reply

Europeans and Africans, Jews and Arabs, Christians and Muslims, all united in the pursuit of profit via the slave trade. Apparently, the Left is correct when they say that multiculturalism works when people are united by common social ideals and economic values.

Incidentally, I’ve been criticized recently for suggesting that slavery reparations might actually be justified. However, I’d actually go much further and suggest reparations to the working class as a whole might be justified. See Kevin Carson’s work on this question.

By Jim Goad

Taki’s Magazine

If there is a historical weapon more powerful and decisive than guns, it is certainly guilt. Those who seek to conquer will wield the primitive biblical notion of collective guilt as a bludgeon to dampen a rival group’s spirit and their willingness to resist. Guilt is injected like a fatal virus into entire populations to demoralize and weaken them. And at least as far as whites in the West are concerned, it is working like a charm.

Without so much as asking a single question, many modern whites have gullibly swallowed a skewed and incomplete historical narrative that depicts them as history’s sole villains and the nonwhite world as innocent, suffering lambs.

Alas, despite the cheering warmth such simplicities afford to simple minds, life is never that simple, and as any honest student of history knows, there is no such thing as “good guys”—there are only bad guys who won and bad guys who lost.

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