Robert Stark interviews Fernando Cortes Reply

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Fernando Cortez











Robert Stark and co-host Charles Lincoln talk to identitarian political activist Fernando Cortes from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Topics include:

The history between the relationship between the United States and Mexico
Identitarianism and how identity is based on a combination of a people, a land, and a common experiences
Why Fernando advocates as alliance between indentitarians in Mexico and the United States
How both the United States and Mexico have been exploited by the same globalist plutocracy
How the United States props up the corrupt Mexican Government
How Mexico must became economically and politically independent
Donald Trump’s advocacy of tariffs on companies that outsource jobs to Mexico, and how ironically Fernando has advocated taxing foreign corporations operating in Mexico
How international bankers looted Mexico’s banking system
Oil and how Mexico send it’s oil to American refineries and re-imports it at a greater cost
Whether there is an economic Third Way to Capitalism and Socialism
How open borders serves as a safety valve to prevent political change in Mexico
The influence of American consumer culture on Mexico
How Mexican Americans have been used as political pawns by the American establishment

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