Keith Preston on Neoconservatism and Totalitarian Humanism 1

Listen here.

KMO talks to Keith Preston of Attack the System about the historical trajectory of the Neocons and why they’re likely to be moving back to the Democratic party if and when the current Republican coalition fractures. Keith also describes the roll of “useful idiots” on both the left and the right and how they empower elites who only pretend to share the values and interests of their constituents.

Keith Preston

One comment

  1. Could be if Hilary Clinton wins. Sanders is a lot less of a neo-conservative. I agree the republicans have about three groups, the Trump anti-immigration and protectionists more like the right is in Europe. The economic libertarian and Social conservative types like Ted Cruz and the neo-cons like Rubio and Bush. The Republicans will still hold out in the South but maybe lose more in the west and Midwest.

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