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San Diego Banishes References to “Founding Fathers”

This article from World Nut Daily raises an interesting question.

It would appear that in regions of the U.S. where the Blue Tribe is especially dominant, there is an effort to fully eradicate references to the traditional American past. Even in the conservative South, there have efforts to remove references to the Confederacy, which is somewhat understandable from a “pro-American” perspective given that, after all, the Confederacy was a separatist revolutionary movement (and good for them), and from a civil rights perspective given that the Confederacy was a slavocracy. However, there have  also been efforts to remove references to Christopher Columbus (for obvious anti-racist or anti-colonial reasons), and increasingly I come across reports on attacks against the “founding fathers” of the United States as well (which also makes sense from a leftist perspective given their rather un-PC views on many things). However, the sum total of this is to essentially delegitimize the traditional American nationalism. If you dismiss America’s “founding fathers” as racist, sexist, classist, homophobic whatevers, then obviously there’s not much case for the traditional American patriotism.

One could shift the focus of American patriotism to Abraham Lincoln as the “true founding father” and the enactment of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments following the Civil War as the “true beginning” of the modern American republic (although Honest Abe had some rather un-PC views as well). But it seems that as though the Blue Tribe is essentially trying to create a whole new kind of American state where the founding occurs not in 1776 but in 1968, and where the national icons are not Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, but Martin Luther King, Betty Friedan, and Harvey Milk. In some ways, the decline of the traditional American patriotism might be a good thing, as it sure takes the wind out of the sails of American exceptionalism, the neoconservatives, Conservatism, Inc. and their Red Tribe useful idiots, but it signifies the coming to power of a new kind of neo-Jacobin regime under the rule of totalitarian humanism, and its Blue Tribe useful idiots.

By Bob Unruh

World Net Daily

The city of San Diego is being charged with taking political correctness to “a whole new extreme” by banishing the phrase “Founding Fathers” from the vocabulary of city employees.

“This brings it to a new level, without question,” said Brad Dacus, the chief of Pacific Justice Institute, which raised questions about the issue with the city and is challenging its censorship.

“When you can’t utter the phrase ‘Founding Fathers’ without possibly losing your job and you work for government, that is a sad day for free speech,” he told WND.


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  1. Well, the city of San Diego is different from the county which use to be mainly red and is now purplish. San Diego is more blue than the County.

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