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Sanders and Trump in Very Late Capitalism

This is an interesting piece from Scott McConnell. While Team Red and Team Blue are still at each others’ throats, both are increasingly divided internally along class lines, and the insurgents are gaining.

By Scott McConnell

The American Conservative

goldenalcoff / Flickr

goldenalcoff / Flickr

It has been snowing since Monday morning, and I’ve learned from experience my car can’t handle it. Next time in New Hampshire, rent a Jeep. But I did go to a Bernie Sanders rally at a small college in Nashua yesterday morning. From the perspective of a campaign effectively using its resources, the event wasn’t particularly well conceived.

There were a few hundred people there, mostly young. And more guys than girls; that part of the “Berniebros” thing is true. The gender imbalance at Clinton events is more pronounced. Two dozen young people, staffers or volunteers with Bernie placards, sit behind the stage. For the size of the rally (maybe 500) and the staff effort involved, with journalists and TV crews from all over the world, I thought the Sanders camp would have done better to have had his workers out canvassing, making sure that they contact every marginal or irregular voter in the state, and get them all to the polls.


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