Against Left-Libertarianism

A collection of article arguing for orthodox anarcho-capitalism against left-libertarianism.

We the Individuals

Against Left-Libertarianism.

Scratch an egalitarian, and you will inevitably find a statist.

-Murray Rothbard

Sometime ago, this site published an article by the title of “Left-Libertarianism, A Love Story”. The article, in hindsight, was a disappointment. The article attempted to address a number grievances with the libertarian left all at once.  It covered topics supported by left-libertarians such as unions, “capitalism,” privilege and so on. The article was voluminous, scattered, and unfair; it had little to no citations of any left-libertarian works. As a result of this, with some feedback from colleagues and members of the libertarian left, the article was scrapped then more time was invested to studying the libertarian left from numerous sources, primarily the book Markets Not Capitalism and the left market anarchist “think tank” Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS).


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