The Kurds are Crowdfunding a Revolution

By all means, donate.

By Jennifer Baker



After 134 days of intense fights against ISIS, the Kurdish city of Kobanê is under reconstruction. An international solidarity movement is now using crowdfunding as a tool to support of the so-called ’Rojava Revolution’.

Initiatives to rebuild Kobanê, a secular progressive, and ecologically sound society are emerging from international angles. Recently a conference called ‘International Mobilization for Rebuilding Kobanê’ was held in the European Parliament and with this approval, an international solidarity movement – in which there are many actors – is developing.

One of these initiatives is a Danish, non-profit start-up internetpage FIREFUND, which is a ‘kickstarter’ project for social movements. Through the site, a number of crowdfunding projects across the health, education, water, electricity, gender equality, and ecological sector, will be presented to the public, giving individuals the opportunity to support Kobanê directly.

FIREFUND launched a global crowdfunding campaign to rebuild Kobanê:
“Crowdfunding and social movements are both building on the concept of mass action. Social media expands our networks, and now we need to strengthen these ties to realize direct solidarity,” says Karl Kristiansen, one of the founders of FIREFUND.

Recently, the struggle of Kobanê has gained massive support on social media, where groups from the whole world stand solidaric with the city. Now the Kurds, in collaboration with the Kurdish reconstruction board, hope to turn this sign of solidarity into concrete cash and direct support by using FIREFUND.


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