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Activist who burned Confederate flag charged with arson

So if a white guy gets charged with arson for burning a Rainbow flag, and a black woman gets charged with arson for burning a Confederate, I guess that’s supposed to show how far we’ve come towards achieving equal (no) rights and equal (non) protection under the law.


Manitou Springs – Patricia Cameron, 32, a member of a group of activists who burned a Confederate flag in Manitou Springs over the 4th of July weekend, has been charged with arson.  Video was posted online of the group gathering around a grill inside a pavilion, dousing the flag with lighter fluid and setting it on fire.  Manitou Springs  Police say Cameron was charged because the flag-burning posed a danger to people in the area and to city property.

Police say they’ve identified another member of the group, but haven’t been able to locate him.  A third member of the group remains unidentified.

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