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The Rise of the Progressive Puritans

Jason Hurley, an acquaintance from maverick anarchist circles, offers the following insights concerning this article by Matt Walsh. Read Walsh’s article here.  Says Jason:

“Matt Walsh, your entire premise is based in medicalized morality. It’s no secret that early doctors and scientists of the developing western world carried their Abrahamic biases with them as they made discoveries and observations. They effectively synthesized their own moral prejudices into the taxonomy of disease they were building, and lacked the properly equipped mind or methodology to ask the much more important and responsible question, “Is it even a disease at all?”

Your premise assumes that sex possesses an intrinsically sinister or dirty underpinning, and that certain types of sexual relationships are universally traumatic to all human beings. But just as many people do not become squeamish in the face of blood or viscera, not every person thinks of public sex or even monetized sex as being a painful, exploitative invasion of their sacred pee-pee temple. Many people who aren’t repulsed by blood become surgeons. We value surgeons in our crypto-Abrahamic, nominally secular society. People who are not affected adversely by promiscuity or public displays of orgy become porno stars. We don’t value porno stars or prostitutes in our society. That is the only difference.

The idea that it all comes down to abuse is deeply misleading and serves only to fuel uninformed, puritanical sentiment that cripples the mind and increases the already inflated victim narrative. Your thinking and your views of sex are a lot more backward and dangerous than every neck-bearded basement jack-master surrounded by DVD’s that were mailed in brown paper from Thailand combined.

I also think it’s ridiculous for you to construct a straw man out of one co-ed suicide. This is no barometer of self hatred among porn stars or anyone else and the fact that you would use the death of a depressed young woman to spread your own sex-negative totalitarian humanism shows what a sociopath you really are. Do I really need to admonish you with platitudes? “Mental disease” is a serious problem, Matt. Not something to bandy about and exploit for your own weird, angry, puritanical ends, no matter how well cloaked they are in a veneer of caring. Thousands of college co-eds participate in some way or another in the adult industry, whether in porn, stripping, p2p webcams, or prostitution. I am pretty sure the suicide rate hovers around 10 in one hundred thousand, or one in ten thousand. So there’s no statistical evidence that porn and self hate and suicide can be correlated. Moreover, with finger wagging moralizers like you shaming girls in the halcyon days of their sexual blossoming I would expect a jump in suicide rates for such girls. But since there isn’t, it proves that these girls and boys are far more resilient than even I thought they were, let alone are they obviously far removed from the passive vessels of the pervert’s gaze you try to paint them as.

Let me show you your bias at work, Matt (to be fair it is a bias that exists in post-Abrahamic society writ large, and among sex negative feminists who’ve effectively inherited the same cognitive pathology as the patriarchy they issued from).

If you put two 16 year old girls side by side, one who gets into promiscuous sex and one who gets into rock climbing, people like Matt Walsh will point fingers and scowl as they admonish the former upon finding out she has contracted gonorrhea. There must be something wrong with her if she likes sex,” they say. “She must be a victim of sexual abuse,” still they argue, “this is a result of her risky behavior.” Yet in the case of the latter, they will stoically opine that, “she died heroically, doing something that she loved,” upon discovering that she fell 200 feet to her death while climbing a rock.

And another thing! Your rip on porn stars being disingenuous when they ask for “privacy.” Again not all of these things boil down to the sacred pee pee temple. Yeah, they’re fine having sex on camera for money. They want privacy at home and on vacation like any other celebrity, and they want financial privacy as well, so that they can get loans like everybody else and not get turned away by banks and investment brokers because of what they do for a living. They don’t want to be discriminated against by moralizing bigots like you, nor do they want to become real victims of the sumptuary law racket that clowns like you support, that has put safety above liberty and created a mass incarceration state in the former land of the free.

I know you don’t actually read these responses or care to, as you’ve admitted you’re a revenue hunter. It’s all about clicks, which makes me question whether or not you even hold the idiotic totalitarian progressive views you claim. But just to avoid ad hominem ripostes, I actually was abused as a child and I am not a porno star. I don’t even like porn. It bores me. It’s on a screen. It’s not warm or real. It doesn’t do much for me. But I’m sick of bullies like you picking the only targets that are still fair game in the hyper PC age. And sex workers of all stripes get called all kinds of crap by bullies like you. Definitions say a lot more about the definer than the defined, Matt.”

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