why i am a cascadian Reply

Míle Gaiscíoch

(i wrote this as a response to the above CBC news segment.  i’ll skip the obligatory denunciation of  “white, flag-waving soccer fans” as that is a cheap-shot stereotype of our movement, and/or the only damn thing they’ll put on TV.)

In light of the growing popularity of a movement that I believe will only be gaining momentum in the years to come, I want to be clear and unambiguous about why I am a Cascadian.

Let me first state that I am a bioregionalist, as opposed to what may be termed as a ‘nationalist.’  It’s a somewhat complicated, yet desperately important distinction to be made up front.  I won’t give an in-depth explanation here, but suffice it to say, “voting to secede” and/or “creating a new nation-state” are not the particular strategies that I embrace towards emancipating this place from the unsavory gamut of impositions placed upon us…

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