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NATA-NY’s Anti-Racism

Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!

By J. Cypher


Since its inception, NATA-NY has been grossly misunderstood and vehemently attacked for being so-called “racists.” Despite repeatedly demonstrating the ways in which we are anti-racist, we continue to be labeled “nazis” and “fascists.” At the same time, our critics are referring to the people of color in NATA-NY as “tokens” who “only get called when the group is accused of racism.” We find this to be incredibly offensive and much more racist than anything we’ve ever said or done. In response to this continual misunderstanding, we have reiterated our positions on racism and anti-racism below. We welcome intelligent dialogue!

We oppose institutional racism.Although we are against the existence of a state, as individuals who live within the context of a statist society, we oppose all legislation and institutional practices that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, or any other self-identification.


We oppose individualized racism. On a personal level, we abhor racial hatred and recognize it as the product of ignorance (and/or the influence of propaganda).


We oppose institutional (statist) “anti-racism.” Recognizing racial hatred as a product of ignorance, we oppose any attempts by the state to prevent and/or punish racist ideologies. First, people have the right to believe whatever they choose (no matter how ridiculous or undesirable). Second, the repression of beliefs produced by ignorance only fuels a reactionary upsurge of such misguided hatred (i.e., legislating against racism only makes racists more racist). And third, we laugh at the attempts of the racist, sexist, imperialist (etc., etc.) state to eliminate racism and sexism while it so blatantly perpetuates these and countless other forms of oppression all around the world.


We support and embrace individualized antiracism. It is every individual’s responsibility to follow his or her moral compass. Whether this means educating one’s peers, defending an outnumbered victim on the street, or any other action, it is important that one’s motivation comes from within rather than from a desire to alleviate guilt or maintain a guise of political correctness. Furthermore, if racism can ever be extinguished, it will not be through the barrel of a gun (i.e. state enforcement).


We support and embrace diversity. Anti-racism requires the nurturing of diversity. Diversity by definition implies difference, not a gray “multicultural” blur of watered down “traditions” that have been coopted by the state and the media. As such, we support the inherent right of all people to preserve and maintain their cultures however they see fit. For difference and diversity to exist, some degree of separatism may be necessary to maintain cultural traditions (at the discretion of each community). We understand and respect this right of all people, regardless of cultural identity. [Despite this recognition and respect, NATA-NY as a group is ethnically and culturally diverse. For us, like-mindedness is more important than cultural tradition.]


We support and embrace open dialogue about racism, anti-racism, classism, sexism, and any other form of authoritarianism.We encourage a candid and honest exchange of ideas, experiences, and analyses. We discourage the tendency of political correctness or guilt to limit this discourse, as we understand that the intersections of oppression can be both vast and intricate. We seek to hear everyone’s voice and refuse to filter people’s experiences through the lenses of politics, media, academia, or any other institution.

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