American Decline

Ramzpaul’s Murkan Exceptionalism: Fail

By Sebastian Ernst Ronin

Hammer & Anvil

Dedicated to the Memory and Courage of Russell Charles Means, November 10, 1939 – October 22, 2012. RIP, Sir.

The YouTube celebrity, ramzpaul, is a smart guy and probably means well in a bungling, Republican sort of way. He likely thinks that he is a conscientious racialist. He is also an observant and clever opportunist. But predominantly, he is a Murka-Firster.

Ramzpaul has piggy-backed onto the viral YouTube video released by the French group, Génération Indentitaire, with his own “A New Declaration of Independence.” He might possibly be horrified to know that the French are one of the most legislatively virulent European nations for keeping Murkan schlock culture out of their country. He might be further horrified to know that Bloc Identitaire, the organization behind Génération Identitaire, rejects the Murkan innovation of crass “White Nationalism.” The BI is allied with secessionist movements of a similar outlook in Portugal, Catalonia, Holland, Belgium (Vlaams Belang), and Italy (Lega Nord). The philosophical core of BI is Ethno Nationalism, not imperialistic, Murkan “White Nationalism.”

Ramzpaul’s propaganda piggy-back is a lie encompassing a reactionary and pedestrian political outlook. A wounded and cornered animal, as is Murka at this end-game of its twisted and murderous history and Empire, is a dangerous animal.

Murka is done, it is finished. It is a thermodynamic, spiritual, and cultural wasteland. Except for its obedient pooch, Israel, it does not have a friend in the world. It spirals towards its Puritanical, Evangelical-New Zionist, preordained destiny. It has been hot-wired for ontological decadence since 1776. No amount of too-little-too-late, feel-good leg humping, pretending to be European, can alter this trajectory. Murka has pursued its loud, obnoxious, boisterous, murderous, ugly, and imperialistic exceptionalism without regard for any nation or culture except its own. And now “The House on the Hill” gets to eat the bitter consequences of its chosen Manifest Destiny; it gets to sleep in the poisonous bed that it has made. The Jew’s cultural work here, in collaboration with the  military and financial brass, is done. Zionists are in no position to proclaim that they are not Zionists.

In order of Ramzpaul’s empty, wishful, and reactionary sentiments, the counters are as follows:

“We are Americans.”

Yes, indeed, assuming that what is inferred to here are White Amerikans. Empty of spirit and culture, undergone a lobotomy of racial memory by the scalpel of popular culture, the Jewnited States of Murka is a done deal. The Murkan Congress officially signed off on it with the passage of The Noahide Laws in 1991. “Amerika” has not been a “nation” since at least 1865. There is no “America.” There is only the ethno-racial Melting Pot of its chosen destiny. Puritanical Anti-Europe/New Zion has become exactly what it set out to become: New Zion.

“We are the Americans who get attacked by flash mobs because of our race.”

True and unfortunate. But the Negroes who constitute the flash mobs are also “Americans”, as are the Mexicans “American” who have successfully occupied the southwestern states, as are the Muslims “Americans” who clamour for Sharia Law, as are all ethnicities and races “Americans” inside the mongrel stew of the Melting Pot. Resorting to a spent jingoism is not presenting an ethno-racialist argument. Lumping the history of the Murkan Negro in with anti-multiculturalism is a false argument.

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