Category: Economics/Class Relations

The Wall Street Trilogy: A History

The global banking cartels have been the international ruling class since the early modern era when landed wealth began to give way to monetary and merchant wealth as the basis of class rule. The old bourgeoisie of the Enlightenment/classical liberal/Industrial Revolution periods were simply the national-elites of capitalist […]

Wall Street and FDR

Given that “progressives” are once again a rising force in US politics, it’s a good idea to revisit the work of Antony Sutton and his critique of FDR. Bernie Sanders is really just a recycled Rooseveltian, and I’ve even heard a lot of commentators I like (Jimmie Dore, […]

Italian Anarchist Federation : #Coronavirus and emergency – We do not forget which side of the barricade we are on

Communique by the Correspondence Commission of the Italian Anarchist Federation about the coronavirus and the state of emergency. Originally published by the Italian Anarchist Federation. Translated by Enough 14. In the face of this crisis, state and capital are showing, with unprecedented evidence, their immense limitations and their […]