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Insider Today: Tesla’s charging supremacy

August 5, 2023
Hey there, Insiders! It’s finally the weekend. Want to feel old? Gen Alpha is now making memes that Gen Zers don’t understand — so Gen Zers are worried about feeling out of touch.


Car companies are also starting to worry about being left out (of the EV-charging race). So they’re looking to Tesla as a model.


Here’s what else is on tap today:

But first: The Tesla-fication of the EV industry.
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Tesla; Britta Pederson/Getty Images; Alyssa Powell/Insider
The electric-vehicle industry is on the brink of becoming Tesla-fied. It’s all thanks to one of the trickiest parts of EV ownership — and one of Tesla’s strongest features: charging.

Companies like Ford, Volvo, and GM announced that they’re going to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard. This means their future EVs won’t need an adapter to be compatible with Tesla’s supercharger network.

Plus, non-Tesla charging stations will soon be usable by Teslas — also without an adapter. Its competitor charging companies are going to start adding Tesla-compatible NACS plugs to their stations. This includes Electrify America, which is currently the second-largest EV-charging network — with just 3,592 charging plugs compared to Tesla’s roughly 22,000 supercharger stalls.

“More auto companies are making the switch and sort of just saying: ‘Yeah, Tesla has had it right for so long,’” Alexa St. John, an auto reporter at Insider, said. She added that access to the reliable supercharger network is a major factor when people are deciding whether to buy a Tesla or another EV (or switch to an EV at all).

Overall, there are only about three EV chargers for every 10,000 Americans. And many non-Tesla charging stations are often busted: broken plugs, connectivity issues, payment system failures, and more.

But two pivotal changes are brewing for the public-charging infrastructure:

  • Tesla is set to open its superchargers to other EVs next year. Some experts said this could be a brilliant marketing move.
  • Meanwhile, seven major automakers banded together to build an EV-charging network that rivals Tesla’s. The companies include BMW, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Stellantis, the European giant that owns Jeep, Fiat, Dodge, and others.
But there’s another benefit to Tesla opening its charger network: The company will get access to troves of non-Tesla EV user data. That’s everything from how efficiently a car brakes to how often people are using their AC. This gives Tesla an advantage and opens a door to the lucrative possibility of selling the data.

Plus, more cars charging on Tesla’s machines means more revenue. And Elon Musk can say that he convinced the entire EV industry to charge cars his way.

“This not only helps the other automakers give their customers the Tesla experience,” St. John said. “But it also will eventually advantage current Tesla owners to some extent, because this is really just encouraging Tesla to continue to invest in charging infrastructure.”


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