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The Looming Crisis for Streaming Services

What are you streaming right now? Odds are pretty high the answer is Suits, an old USA Network cable series with over 100 episodes that are newly available on Netflix — in other words, the opposite of the prestige-y short-season shows that streaming services make these days. As our TV insider, Joe Adalian, reports, the newer model of short-form television points to a bigger problem for streaming’s future: If 100+ episode shows aren’t being made anymore, people will have less TV to discover and binge down the line. As one executive told Joe, “If we don’t start building the library shows of tomorrow, we’re going to regret it.”

—Ray Rahman, senior editor, Vulture

The Looming Catalog Crisis Suits is the hottest show on streaming right now. What does that mean?

Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photo: Everette

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