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We Are Still a Long Way From Justice for Donald Trump

Nation Weekly
August 4, 2023
“Trump is a symptom, not the cause,” writes national affairs correspondent Joan Walsh. “But he’s certainly making everything worse.”

Trump’s latest indictment, for his involvement in the January 6 insurrection, is the most severe of those leveled against him. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to celebrate: “We are still going to have to do the heavy lifting next year and treasure our dreams of Trump in prison a little longer,” Walsh says. “If Trump loses the election, he will go to prison,” but we can’t be so sure of that yet.

We Are Still a Long Way From Justice for Donald Trump
Jack Smith’s meticulous January 6 indictments are overdue, but legal rigor is no guarantee Trump will get the punishment he deserves. That’s up to us.
Joan Walsh
Black Refuge and the Novel of Ideas: A Conversation With Maya Binyam
“Fiction is so incredibly rife with ethical questions.”
Rosemarie Ho
A Longtime Political Organizer in AOC’s District Says She’s the Real Deal
She has used her skills to win concrete, historic political victories.
Charlie Heller
Surviving Hate Through Queer Kinship
Anthropologist Esther Newton and artist Holly Hughes tell Laura Flanders how they’ve flourished through decades of culture wars.
Laura Flanders
The Feminist Moment We Didn’t Know We Needed
Women are finding camaraderie in the unlikeliest of places at a time when the forces of sexism, homophobia, and transphobia are strong and emboldened.
Moira Donegan
How to Balance the Supreme Court
On this episode of Contempt of Court, legal experts Dan Epps and Steve Vladeck discuss ways to find the balance in our highest court.
Elie Mystal
The Case For Abolishing Harvard

On this episode of The Time of Monsters, Matt Bruenig discusses how elite private schools support plutocracy.

Jeet Heer

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