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Why are Middle-class People so Left Wing?

Historically, totalitarian revolutions have been driven by the left-wing of the middle class during times when the middle-class (or at least segments of the middle class)  is rising on a socioeconomic level but has its political ambitions frustrated by deeply entrench elites. I believe this theory explains the […]

Dealing With Quarantine Anxiety & Depression With Johann Hari, Plus Matt On Bailouts | Useful Idiots

A reader highly recommends this episode of Useful Idiots: “Although the title implies a discussion of depression and anxiety in relation to being in coronavirus quarantine, what followed was in my opinion a more substantial discussion of longstanding issues of psychological ill-health living under neoliberalism (and neoliberalism’s interest […]

Will Biden even make it to debate Trump?

Ideally, a serious anarchist movement in North America, as I have long argued, would be a “revolutionary left” that regards neoliberals as “the main enemy,” and “attacks the Left from the left,” by pointing out the historic treachery of the Marxists (First International, Kronstadt, Barcelona, etc), the historically […]

Trump Is A Symptom Of A Larger Problem

Yes. Since 2016, I have maintained that the real reason Trump won the election was that, rhetorically, he was the most “left-wing” (anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-power elite) of the two candidates, even if he is personally just a carnival barker and has governed largely as a conventional Republican since […]

Blaming the Reds for Neoliberalism

“Anyone who watched the video I posted three days ago, The Great Depression, will have seen firm documentary evidence pointing to a controlled demolition of the global economy. As a result of the fact that an increasing number of people are beginning to take these claims seriously, the […]

Is Dollar Totalitarianism on the Way?

“Many people assume that the present crisis – engineered, as it is – will be followed by a more totalitarian system, but we should never lose sight of the fact that ‘liberal democracy’ is already a form of totalitarianism and the only difference between a system in which […]

Donald Trump and Conservative Intellectuals

An interesting discussion of Trump from November 2016, immediately after Trump’s election, that nails the essence of Trumpism fairly well, i.e. a symbolic triumph of populism against elitism where the principal division is social class. The speakers in this video are “conservative intellectuals” of the old-bourgeois variety, and […]