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Three Mutual Aid Networks in New York City

By Crimethinc Fundamental social change involves two intertwined processes. On the one hand, it means shutting down the mechanisms that impose disparities in power and access to resources; on the other hand, it involves creating infrastructures that distribute resources and power according to a different logic, weaving a […]

Who Are the Lumpenproletariat?

The lumpenproletariat was too scary even for bourgeois radicals like Marx (the son of a Prussian state solicitor, i.e. a district attorney) and Engels (the son of a wealthy industrialist). In 2020, the lumenproletariat of all creeds, colors, genders, and geographies, made its move, however meagerly, against the […]

India has 18 million modern slaves

And a lot of these slaves are being used by Western corporations while Western governments look the other way. All of the rhetoric coming from Western elites about “human rights,” “democracy,” “civil rights,” etc has about as much seriousness and legitimacy as when the ancient Egyptian rulers claimed […]

When Bakunin Met Stirner

A core argument that I have previously advanced at ATS start with the view that Bakunin was correct that while anarchist revolution is a trans-class activity, the lumpenproletariat is potentially the most revolutionary class, i.e. the vanguard class, and that the urban lumpenproletariat, being the sector that is […]

Why LGBT People Should Be Conservative

In recent years, I have noticed an increasingly greater number of people from traditional outgroups who refer to themselves as “conservative,” just as I have noticed a growing wave of right-wing anti-capitalism. Obviously, these trends reflect the current establishmentarian tendency of blending cultural integration with intensified class oppression. […]