Category: Economics/Class Relations

Donald Trump and Conservative Intellectuals

An interesting discussion of Trump from November 2016, immediately after Trump’s election, that nails the essence of Trumpism fairly well, i.e. a symbolic triumph of populism against elitism where the principal division is social class. The speakers in this video are “conservative intellectuals” of the old-bourgeois variety, and […]

April Fool!

Just send the landlord an envelope with a note saying, “I bet you thought this envelope was going to contain my rent check. April Fool!” What happens on the first of the month when residents, restaurants, and retail stores don’t pay rent? By Henry Grabar Slate In a […]

I Hate Leftist Economics

Like many people, Styx is confused about what “leftist” economics actually is. As Murray Rothbard demonstrated, state-socialism was a reactionary effort that had its intellectual roots in Counter-Enlightenment thinkers like Jean Jacques Rousseau and G.W.F. Hegel. What Americans think of as “socialism” is really progressivism, i.e. the deification […]

Media Suddenly Realizes Bernie Was Right

I generally agree with Kyle’s criticisms of the Republicans and neoliberal Democrats, but this Berniebro ode to statism is a bit difficult to watch. No, Kyle, we don’t need more central planning in response to coronavirus. Actually, the trend has been that decentralized decision-making processes have been more […]

A Reminder of Why I am an Anarchist

The current public health/economic crisis is definitely a reminder of why I am an anarchist. Thus far, the responses to the situation by the various factions of the state/ruling class/power elite have been as follows: Republicans: “The ruling class is suffering. Let’s bail them out! Maybe give a […]

The Economics of the Shutdown

Tom Woods is joined by Professors Joseph Salerno and Peter Klein join me to discuss the economics of the extraordinary episode we are currently living through, as well as the likely consequences of how the federal government and the Federal Reserve are responding. Listen here.