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A History of Decentralization Jun 11, 2019 14 minute read (full) First let’s decentralize history… This month’s thematic has been a real challenge for us and raised many questions in our minds. Why? The history of decentralization is complex and non-linear. But most of all, it is difficult to be considered from […]

US targets Huawei again

My thoughts on the “trade war” with China. Watch here. This week US president Donald Trump declared a national emergency over IT threats. Trump’s long awaited executive order forbids U.S. companies from purchasing telecommunications equipment manufactured by firms posing a “national security risk”.

Feudalism, Then and Now

And California, the home of Sunshine feudalism is the worst. How “our system” works: The presidency is an elective monarchy. The mass corporations are the new feudal manors. The banks are the new usurer class. The military are the new indentured servants/mercenaries. The professions (like doctors and lawyers) […]

Why “Democratic Socialists” are Conservative

This is an important article. Given the growing popularity of “democratic socialism,” it’s important to point out what social democrats actually are, i.e. state-centric reactionaries. An authentic anarchist approach to political economy involves critiquing and opposing the ways in which the state has the effect of centralizing control […]

What is “Socialism,” Anyway?

The word “socialism” is constantly being thrown about by supposed supporters and detractors alike, most of whom are people who have no clue as to what socialism actually is. I am opposed to conventional socialism, which I actually consider to be a conservative philosophy (see Murray Rothbard’s essay […]

Studying the demise of historic civilizations

Must read. ** By Luke Kemp 19 February 2019 Studying the demise of historic civilisations can tell us how much risk we face today, says collapse expert Luke Kemp. Worryingly, the signs are worsening. Great civilisations are not murdered. Instead, they take their own lives. DEEP CIVILISATION This […]

The Coming Dystopia?

The future of the US, or the future “post-US” or the “future of the Western world” or “the future of the global order, will be rule by the techno-oligarch/new clerisy alliance, where neoliberals constitute “conservatism” and progressives/SJWs constitute “liberalism.” Everyone, including the historic WASP culture, will be a […]

Humanity against People

Some very good class analysis from Denis Rancourt. By Denis Rancourt Dissident Voice Thanks to the Gilets jaunes in France, a few astute social theorists are finally being heard on YouTube, despite mainstream resistance and diversion. They are finding words more lucidly than could be achieved in the […]