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Listen, Mutualist!

A libertarian municipalist response to Kevin Carson. By Hagbard Celine33 Post Scarcity Economics This is a response essay to Kevin Carson’s essay in response to libertarian municipalism. Here is a link to Kevin Carson’s essay so you can see what I am responding to. I wrote this essay […]

Listen Libertarian Municipalist!

By Kevin Carson Center for a Stateless Society Murray Bookchin. The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies & the Promise of Direct Democracy. Foreword by Ursula K. Le Guin (New York and London: Verso, 2015). This book is a collection of Bookchin’s essays on libertarian municipalism and communalism, extending from […]

Communist Presidents of the US

In case anyone doesn’t know, this quote is from President Eisenhower. So was Joe McCarthy correct when he accused Ike of being a pawn in the Communist Conspiracy? What turds the Republicans have become under the combined leadership of the arch-imperialist/Israel-first neoconservatives and the militarist/corporatist “movement conservative” ideologues. […]

A Critique of the State of Libertarianism

Some thoughts I originally posted in an online discussion concerning the various libertarian by-ways” There’s a big rivalry right now between the paleolibertarians, left-libertarians and “mainstream” LP/Cato/Reason type libertarians. The paleos and the leftists view the latter tendencies as establishment brown-nosers, and the mainstreamers view the radicals as […]

Lessons in Liberty: Left-Libertarianism

The big question that divides socialists and free marketers concerns the nature of markets themselves. Are markets merely a means to peaceful cooperation and exchange between human beings? Or do markets merely involve predatory competition between self-interested individuals seeking to maximize profitability at all costs? My answer: Obviously […]

Mondragón and the System Problem

By Gar Alperovitz and Thomas M. Hanna Truthout As America moves more deeply into its growing systemic crisis, it is becoming increasingly important for activists and theorists to distinguish clearly between important projects and “institutional elements,” on the one hand, and systemic change and systemic design, on the […]

A New Revolution in Australia

By Silvia Boarini Al Jazeera Native Australians demonstrate for their rights [Al Jazeera] Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders activists hope 2014 will be remembered as the year they said: “Enough is enough.” Rosalie Kunoth-Monks has no doubt about it. “We are under assault,” she tells Al Jazeera. […]

Anarchism Without Adjectives

I find value in the entire spectrum of not only anarchist but also libertarian or decentralist thought generally. On the far right end, the Koch brothers are great on civil liberties, but horrendous on economics. On the far left end, Chomsky is wonderful on foreign policy, and terrible […]

The Cultural Marxist Hypothesis

By Michael Enoch Libertarian Alliance RightStuff.Biz It seems rather odd in this day and age to deny the existence of Cultural Marxism as an intellectual movement. But it seems that this meme has been gaining traction lately on the left. It was recently the subject of a rather […]

The State of the Culture War and the Class War

Neoliberalism and totalitarian humanism converge. “Feminism: Originally a necessary and progressive movement. Today it’s a crowd of attention-starved, hysterical totalitarians masking themselves as progressives, and whose continued screaming existence shows that the movement has destroyed itself with its success. Multiculturalism: All dandy, as long as it is not […]

On The Fourth Political Theory

By Batidan Bantu Alexander Dugin’s The Fourth Political Theory is a highly-inventive and relevant work; its renouncement of Liberalism and, more importantly, its advocacy of a new syncretic framework –a fourth political theory to challenge the premises of liberalism, fascism, and communism– is nothing short of radical. However, […]

Schools of Economic Thought

The Wikipedia entry on the different schools of economic thought gives a pretty good overview of all of these different methods of economic analysis. Many of the various hyphenated forms of anarchism and libertarianism involve sectarian differences between proponents of different economic theories and proposed alternative economic arrangements. […]

The Road to Turkdom

By John Robb Global Guerrillas It should be clear to everyone that the economic and political system that replaced feudal agriculture is starting to fall apart. It’s also pretty clear we need a new system, one that can operate at a global scale and fully embrace the potential […]

Abandoned by the Left

What I’ve been saying all along. The money quote: “The current trends in America, Wall Street getting richer, everyone else getting poorer, politicians of both parties feeding brazenly at Wall Street’s trough, the party of the Left in full blown attack gear not on inequality, which it has […]

Libertarians, Left and Right

A Facebook reader posted a response to this critique of Libertarianism in Salon by Michael Lind. Says the reader: To me, libertarianism represents the time in old England-portrayed by Charles Dickens, where the poor completely had to fend for themselves when they could not find work. They could […]

The Cat is Out of the Bag

By Keith Preston For an opposing perspective, see this article by Joseph Nye. For an article that makes comparable arguments, see this piece in Foreign Policy by Gideon Rachman. When the future history of the former United States of America is written, the pivotal turning point that likely […]