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More Anarchistic Than Thou

A reply to “Anti-Fascist News“: An uninformed lay person reading the pathetically ignorant and barely literate bromide against Attack the System recently issued by “Anti-Fascist News” would hardly know anarchism is a vast tradition in modern political philosophy with roots in the radical Enlightenment more than two centuries […]

Panarchy Flourishes Under Geo-Mutualism

By William Schnack Center for a Stateless Society Panarchy Flourishes Under Geo-Mutualism William Schnack’s Response to Carson’s Arbitrary Occupancy-and-Use Doctrine My position on occupancy and use is a little different than Kevin’s, and I dare suggest that it is the position nearest Proudhon’s original intentions. Though I do […]

Cards Against Humanitarians

An end-of-September piece from Foreign Policy. By Ilya Lozovsky On Friday, heads of state — along with Nobel Prize winners, Pope Francis, and Beyoncé — convened at the United Nations in New York to inaugurate a grand new agenda to improve human welfare. Known as the Sustainable Development […]

In Praise of Margaret Thatcher

By Keir Martland Margaret Thatcher won the 1979 General Election after the vote of no confidence in Jim Callaghan’s government. Callaghan had not been particularly disastrous as Prime Minister until the winter of 1978/9, the so-called Winter of Discontent. Thatcher then proceeded to transform this country from a […]

Noam Chomsky interviewed by Abby Martin

In this episode of teleSUR’s The Empire Files, Abby Martin interviews world-renowned philosopher and linguist Professor Noam Chomsky. Prof. Chomsky comments on the presidential primary “extravaganza,” the movement for Bernie Sanders, the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal, the bombing of the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, modern-day libertarianism […]

J’accuse: Leftist intellectuals turn right

From Politico. Onfray’s book on atheism lies half-read on my print-pile; maybe one day, I’ll actually lay hands on it again. ~MRDA~ _________________ Unusual ideological bedfellows in France are uniting against globalization and the euro. By Pierre Briançon 10/16/15, 5:30 AM CET Updated 10/16/15, 7:14 PM CET PARIS […]

A New Anarchist Economic Paradigm

From Will Schnack: “Consider purchasing a book, and helping a young farmer-philosopher to subsist! It’s quality material, and I have been blessed to have receieved some favorable responses from some of my own favorite authors, including the infamous mutualist, Kevin Carson, and a more personal inspiration to me, […]

Resource-rich Afghanistan: An economic stalemate

A documentary on Afghanistan’s economy featuring extensive footage and commentary from yours truly. Press TV. Watch it here: Afghanistan has been ravaged by over 40 years of war. Yet this country, which is in transition, enjoys great potential for economic success. The political and security transition continues to […]

Author: Chris Combe from York, UK, who does not endorse this use of the work

Beyond Social Justice

A discussion with Ian Mayes, Nexus X Humectress, and Keith Preston about how social justice activism has led anarchist movements astray and lots of other stuff. Topics include: Anarcho-pacifism Intentional communities Beyond Social Justice: how historical opposition to valid injustices has now evolved into something absurd. How totalitarian […]

Rethinking Christian Economics

I’d like to see an economics debate between Todd and Gary North. By Todd Lewis Praise of Folly his paper will attempt to deal with an often under-discussed and misunderstood extension of the principle of Christian stewardship: Economics. Modern American Christians seem to espouse, whether implicitly or explicitly, […]

Classics of Catholic Economics

There needs to be more discussion of economic perspectives beyond the establishment paradigms of supply side, monetarism, Keynesianism, or Marxism. By Nathan Schneider The Nation (Shutterstock) In this issue, Nathan Schneider writes about Pope Francis’s economics. Here, he recommends five books of Catholic thought that display strikingly similar […]

The Ruling Class Hissy Fit

This includes an interesting discussion of Angelo Codevilla’s theory of the ruling class. I have my differences with Codevilla (mostly because he’s too partisan right-leaning and not nearly radical enough), but his perspective is worth checking out, although I would suggest doing so within the context of a […]

Bernie Sanders and his enemies to the left

It looks like the Sanders campaign might actually be exposing some cracks in the PC coalition, i.e. between the neo-liberal but culturally leftist Hillaryites, the social democratic labor leftist Sandersites, and the identify politics-intersectionality oriented far Left. By Jack Ross The Hill Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) historic socialist […]

On Mutualism & Interest on Capital

By William Schnack Evolution of Consent Much of the conflict between mutualism and other schools of economics seems to be based on terminology. Mutualists lack the terminology to properly separate returns from land, capital, and labor, while Georgists, and others, divide them classically into rent, interest, and wages. […]

Cost, Aggression, and Access to the Land

By William Schnack Evolution of Consent In this essay, I intend on demonstrating the complementarity between the cost-principle (as used by mutualists), rent-sharing (as displayed by the Georgists), and the principle of non-aggression (as used by the voluntaryists). I will also demonstrate why geo-mutualism is a better way […]

Geo-Mutualist Panarchism: A Synopsis

By William Schnack Evolution of Consent I propose a vision of society called “geo-mutualist panarchism.” This view is a combination of the mutualism of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the classical liberalism of Henry George, and the panarchism of Paul Emile de Puydt, supplemented with libertarian and classical liberal theories of […]

Welfare, Minus the State

By William Schnack The Evolution of Consent Introduction Upon learning about anarchism for the first time, many questions pop into the head of the initiate; questions about law, money, and general civility. That is, questions about the welfare of society spring up. Who will build the roads? The […]

Libya, Iraq’s Oil Being Plundered

A documentary from PressTV featuring commentary from yours truly. Watch the documentary here. The EU ambassador to Iraq accuses European countries of purchasing oil from ISIL terrorists. European countries are unwittingly funding the ISIL terror campaign by buying oil from ISIL-controlled oil fields, including those in Iraq. Reports […]

Reflections on Anarcho-Syndicalism

By Vrijdag 20 National Revolutionary Voice of the Netherlands Anarcho-Syndicalism is not left wing The terms “left”, “right” and “centre” are, in the purest sense of the words, parliamentary concepts. These “directions” within the political spectrum are derived from the perspective of the representatives in parliament. On the […]