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‘The Original King of Crypto Is Back,’

— Nick Summers, features editor, New York

Only in crypto! Only in crypto can a CEO who pleaded guilty to violating the law — whose company prosecutors accused of being “a tool for money laundering and criminal activity” on a scale that “will never be known” — be seen as a relatively good guy and maybe even a martyr. But that’s the way the industry views Arthur Hayes, the subject of this thoroughly reported profile by New York’s Jen Wieczner. Whatever Hayes’s crimes, they pale next to what the government has alleged Sam Bankman-Fried has done. Hayes gave Jen his first major interview since getting sentenced to house arrest and the results are fascinating. From a huge stuffed-animal collection to literal shark-on-shark violence, the details here are rich and sometimes darkly comic, and seeing Hayes’s story told in full just might bring you around to his defenders’ point of view. Only in crypto!
The Original King of Crypto Is Back Arthur Hayes rubbed success in the Feds’ face and got busted. Now he’s returning to a shell-shocked industry.
Photo: Mikaela Martin
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