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The Obscene Invention of California Capitalism

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March 17, 2023
“Back in the day, there used to be more distinction between the aesthetics of the ruling class and those of everyone else,” writes architecture critic Kate Wagner, whose new column in The Nation explores the built environment. But now everything is a grey-beige color, drab, and boring. What do we do about the world turning “greige”?

“If we really want to move past interior conformity, we have to think about housing and home in a radically different way,” Wagner says. We have to start viewing our homes not as “investment assets, but as canvases for creativity and self-expression.”

Liberating Our Homes From the Real Estate–Industrial Complex
Having a personal aesthetic at home has become financially detrimental.
Kate Wagner
A Death in the Valley: What the End of SVB Reveals About VC Class Solidarity
With the banking system sitting on $620 billion in paper (unrealized) losses, this saga may be far from over.
Doug Henwood
Just Because ChatBots Can’t Think Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Lie
Or that they haven’t already started to pollute Google searches. And if publishers win their lawsuit against the Internet Archive, verifying facts and quotes will get a lot harder.
Maria Bustillos
How an English Footballer Took On the BBC
Former England team captain Gary Lineker was censured by the network for statements in support of refugees. But after a public outcry, the BBC had to back down.
Hasan Ali
The Obscene Invention of California Capitalism
A conversation with Malcolm Harris about his new history of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, the West Coast’s settler ideology, and recent turbulence in the world of tech.
Emma Hager
John Nichols on the Failing Banks and Failing Regulations; Plus Gregg Gonsalves on Masks and Covid
On this episode of Start Making Sense, we highlight the senators who warned of the need for greater bank regulation and we review the evidence that masks work to prevent COVID-19 infection.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Havana Syndrome and the Psychosomatic Empire
On this episode of The Time of Monsters, Branko Marcetic comments on the age of imaginary super-weapons and wild threat inflation.
Jeet Heer

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