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In Ukraine, Crypto Finds a Purpose

Inside a Misfiring Government Data Machine

Will Knight

We analyzed an algorithm that evaluates people claiming welfare benefits and found shocking discrimination.


In Ukraine, Crypto Finds a Purpose

Joel Khalili

The UN’s refugee agency has partnered with blockchain and money transfer companies to get vital aid to people displaced by conflict.


AI-Generated Voice Deepfakes Aren’t Scary Good—Yet

Lily Hay Newman

The threat of scammers using voice deepfakes in their cons is real, but researchers say old-school voice-impersonation attacks are still the more pressing concern.


AI Will Make Human Art More Valuable

Krzysztof Pelc

If history is any indication, society will continue to favor the artistic output of people.


How to Start an AI Panic

Steven Levy

The Center for Humane Technology stoked conversation about the dangers of social media. Now it’s warning that artificial intelligence is as dangerous as nuclear weapons.


A Spy Wants to Connect With You on LinkedIn

Jennifer Conrad and Matt Burgess

Russia, North Korea, Iran, and China have been caught using fake profiles to gather information. But the platform’s tools to weed them out only go so far.



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