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China & West Are Both Creating Death Economy Using Hit Man Model

John Perkins: China & West Are Both Creating Death Economy Using Hit Man Model

Economic Hit Man (EHM) John Perkins discusses his new book and how the Chinese have appropriated the EHM model for global takeover. He argues that the use of the EHM model by both the Anglosphere and Beijing is creating a death economy. He sees the New Cold War as a race to disaster. However, China’s model is different, it’s got a great growth story to tell, and it doesn’t impose draconian conditions like the West does. He discusses meeting luminaries such as Nursultan Nazarbayev and Sergey Glazyev and how colonial resentment is growing against the U.S. as Washington loses hegemony and China takes over. But this is all leading to a global death economy and we need to change the system.

ANALYSIS: Bosnia: The Next Hotspot in Europe?

Dodik reportedly fears that the United States and the Great Britain could attempt to stage a “color revolution” in Republika Srpska.

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