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The Green Energy Lie

On the newest episode of Fueling a Freer Future, we take on the wishful thinking of environmental activists who suggest that the only thing stopping a global green energy revolution is a lack of political will.

In our previous video, we looked at the qualities that make traditional energy sources such a powerful and positive force to advance society. In this episode, we discuss the two most promoted forms of “alternative energy,” solar and wind.

Are solar and wind as “green” as their advocates make them out to be? How much is their current affordability a result of market demand rather than state subsidy? Can solar and wind truly replace oil, coal, and gas? In this episode, we consider these questions and more.

It is time to consider the seriousness of the energy debate in this country beyond the hysterics we get from climate alarmists and their political representatives in Congress. Fueling a Freer Future is here to do just that. Catch up on the series by clicking here.

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