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      • On am extremely local level I’d suppose you could have joint equity of capital, various participatory production processes and mutual aid – a kind of pseudocommunist/syndicalist hybrid – these sorts of left anarchist schema (rarely articulated because lifestyle anarchists are ignoramuses) are at least possible, and amount to a hybrid of Koch management, cartels and corporatism. But the economy as a whole just can’t do without prices if any kind of standard of living for a large population is to be maintained. However, I strongly suspect that most people in the developed world just aren’t going to want to do without private property, because anyone above average in capabilities automatically has an incentive to leave in order to obtain higher returns via individual property norms.

        I see a lot of social anarchism and primitivism as atavistic, an ape psychology developed in jungle bands, and while tribalism is impossible to eliminate across society it’s also systematically self defeating enough that I predict anyone who tries the more extreme forms of anti-market behavior are going to be like most cults, hemmorhaging competence until all that’s left are the yahoos and narcissists. I predict most social anarchist utopias would be about as attractive to normal people as Quiverfull.

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