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Yes, But…

The effect of the civil rights movement was to co-opt the black middle class and integrate it into the system, while altering the civil religion/ideological superstructure of the state to include a “racial redemption” narrative. Meanwhile, post-1968, the state launched a counter-offensive under the guise of the “war […]

Stock market soars as America burns

As I said in the previous post, current events are no skin off the ass of the ruling class whatsoever. If the stock market is soaring, they’re happy. My guess is that the power elite probably sees the insurrection as an exaggerated sports riot, as opposed to a […]

Don’t Attack Small Businesses

From the owner of an Iranian-American owned restaurant that was vandalized by rioters. As a small business, we’ve been hit very hard during this pandemic. Last night, we were hit even harder. I came to the U.S over 50 years ago from Iran, a country where there is […]

The Anarchist Economic Wars Escalate

I know and like Derrick and Will. They both do very good work in their respective domains though, as I suspected, the Minneapolis situation appears to be driving a deeper wedge between anti-capitalist and proprietarian anarchists. I’m generally okay with looting Target, but I’m also generally okay with […]

Another False Dichotomy

Why not loot stores AND carry guns? Why not have anti-lockdown protests AND rent strikes? Why not have anti-police protests AND pro-2nd Amendment protests? Why not recognize everyone’s right to disagree with any of this? Once again, it’s not either/or.

Tucker Carlson SHOCKS, calls for primarying corporate Republicans

First, Marianne Williamson calls for “primarying” neoliberal Democrats with social democrats, and now Tucker Carlson calls for “primarying” neoliberal Republicans with “national-populists.” About 20 years ago, I started noticing the rise of anti-neoliberal tendencies in Europe with social-democratic (e.g. SYRIZA) and right-populist tendencies (e.g. LePenism). I figured the […]

America is the 1%

I consider Maoism to be the Eastern world’s version of Nazism (with ordinary Marxism-Leninism being more like Eastern fascism). But the Maoist critique of international relations, both geopolitically and socioeconomically, is correct. I could almost be an “anarcho-Maoist,” lol. In fact, I generally agree with the geopolitical analysis […]

Is this the end of productivity?

People are realizing that wage slavery actually kind of sucks. By Sam Blum VOX Amid the pandemic, workers whose jobs once defined their lives are questioning what it was all for. Nina Rudnick sometimes dreams of an escape. As a director at a psychological research nonprofit, Rudnick, 37, […]