Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

In Congo’s Mines

Nicolas Niarchos
In Congo’s Cobalt Mines

The lucrative mining industry is unscrupulous, environmentally disastrous, and a linchpin of Congo’s economy. How can it be reformed?

Adam Hochschild
Mildred Rutherford’s War

The “historian general” of the United Daughters of the Confederacy began the battle over the depiction of the Old South and slavery in US history textbooks that continues today.

Julia Kornberg
Strangers in the City

In Seven Empty Houses, the Argentine writer Samanta Schweblin revives the rioplatense short story tradition, which was born at the turn of the century and reached a peak during the Latin American Boom.

Zoe Hu
Child’s Play

Sofia Coppola’s film about Priscilla Presley feels like a document less of romance than of the comforts and dangers of fantasy.

Don’t Make Me

a poem by 
Elizabeth Metzger

When I told you the crab on the beach
was dead you asked me

I said This is his shell
but you must have heard soul…

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