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White Identity vs. MAGA Communism

By Matt Parrott

They’re drinking our milkshake

MAGA Communism is a curious, and curiously popular political movement, one that’s gone viral in the past few years. Its most prominent proponent is Jackson Hinkle. Hinkle has managed in recent weeks to be the most viral influencer on twitter, outperforming even Elon Musk himself for the top spot.

To be a MAGA Communist requires two elements: claiming to be marxist while claiming to be an American patriot. These claims are not centered in their daily discourse, which focuses on opposing zionism, colonialism, and capitalism. They are, however, load-bearing. These two superficially incompatible cross-beams support a space that’s ideologically leftist while socially rightist.

A stated fidelity to “marxism” is garlic to vampires for the reactionary, conservative, and elitist currents within the American Right who preclude the development of a popular, persuasive, and persistent opposition to the west’s oligarchs. To the extent that they do preach marxist ideology, it’s necessarily limited to favoring anti-oligarch class analysis.

Given that western elites are finance capitalist oligarchs, everybody who opposes them is perhaps a little bit marxist. And while the specific economic theories and models laid out in Kapital are somewhere between obsolete and “not even wrong,” marxist historiography is a very accurate lens through which to analyze and theorize about history.

Marxist class analysis is pretty much just Traditionalist caste analysis, but inverted and biased in favor of the fourth, final, non-elite caste. What traditional Traditionalists understand as a degeneration from warrior, clerical, and merchant elites to the “mob” is understood by Marxists as a progression towards liberation from tyrants, bishops, and barons by “the people.”

My analysis, I call it “vaportrad,” is “symphonic,” affirming the general historical process, but understanding the three classes/castes as serving a necessary and noble role in a historical process. Elites can be decadent or derelict, and often are, but they’re not intrinsically evil and are not integrally problematic.


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