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Anarcho-Synergism: A New Tendency?

From the Anarcho-Synergy Ball project: Anarcho synergism is a synergistic union of market economies and gift economies via mutual respect for freedom of association. More specifically, how anarcho-synergism works is by using a system of labor unions, competitive consumer unions, and communes to create as much competition in […]

The Great Awokening of Leftoid-Whitey

These are interesting and somewhat bizarre results from a CNN poll that was taken five years ago. “The Great Awokening of 2006 (overly) simplified into one graph. Note the close (if not absolute) correlation with the economic crisis. Leftoid-Whitey becomes histrionic; most others don’t care.” -Bellamy Fitzpatrick   […]

The West Has a Resentment Epidemic

On the urban vs. rural divided throughout the West. By Roberto Stefan Foa and Jonathan Wilmot Foreign Policy In 2014, the Hill newspaper rated Minnesota the second-most-liberal U.S. state. For decades, Minnesotans had reliably supported Democrats in the House, in the Senate, and for the presidency—in Ronald Reagan’s […]

What If Black America Were a Country?

This is some interesting data. If “Black America” were a country, it would be the 31st largest nation in the world per population size, roughly comparable to England, Canada, Mexico, Japan, or Iraq. “Black America” would be 46th in income per capita, between Italy, the UAE, Russia, and […]

Remembering Capitalism’s Crimes

By Grace Blakeley Any self-identifying socialist will be met with the question at some point in their lives, how many people have been killed in the name of socialism? They might have pointed out in response that Soviet-style state socialism is about as far removed from the democratic […]

Tucker Carlson 2024? The GOP is buzzing

It’s going to be interesting to observe how the fracturing of electoral politics into three factions (the neoliberal/neocon duopoly, Trumpists, and social democrats) will impact the two-party system. It’s also possible a “radical centrist” faction will emerge as well (e.g. Brett Weinstein’s latest project, or Jesse Ventura’s write-in […]

Getting the Police Issue Right

The main limitation of most liberal and left critiques of the police state is that these are primarily limited to dubious killings of civilians, racial disparities, and official forms of “police misconduct” as conventionally defined. And usually, these critiques are limited to the municipal police. That’s a start […]

Neofeudalism: The End of Capitalism?

By Jodi Dean Los Angeles Review of Books IN CAPITAL IS DEAD, McKenzie Wark asks: What if we’re not in capitalism anymore but something worse? The question is provocative, sacrilegious, unsettling as it forces anti-capitalists to confront an unacknowledged attachment to capitalism. Communism was supposed to come after […]

Three Mutual Aid Networks in New York City

By Crimethinc Fundamental social change involves two intertwined processes. On the one hand, it means shutting down the mechanisms that impose disparities in power and access to resources; on the other hand, it involves creating infrastructures that distribute resources and power according to a different logic, weaving a […]