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Is the left willing to pay THIS price to claim power?

Krystal is coming along in her ideological evolution. Attack the System is a far-left revolutionary anarchist tendency that embraces all forms of anti-authoritarianism (pan-anarchism/anarcho-pluralism), crosses over to the radical center (class-based populism, the people vs. the elites), the populist-right (isolationism, anti-state/local control, free association, pro-gun, pro-free speech, anti-tax, […]

Tom Woods vs. Medical Martial Law

Tom Woods has been doing some good coverage of the present state of medical martial law this week. Check out some of these programs along with the comments from his e-newsletter posted below. What the Governors Should Do Now Dissident Virus Voices Is the Coronavirus a Libertarian Moment? […]

Social Classes in the United States

Back in 1983, Paul Fussell published a classic work that outlined his theory of class stratification in the US.  The book discussed not only the socioeconomic positions but also the cultural and lifestyle aspects of different classes. I’ve generally found Fussell’s analysis to be as good as any. […]

Video Shows McDonald’s Banning Black People In China, Social Justice Activists IGNORING China

Theoretically, both Russia and China (the Eastern wings of the International Five Families) are societies that meet most of the characteristics of what Westerners think of as “fascism.” Both exhibit chauvinistic nationalism, authoritarian statism, “crony capitalism,” wide class divisions, patriarchy, racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia. Neither one is particularly […]