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The Third Shale Revolution: Reshoring Manufacturing

by Peter Zeihan on October 23, 2023

The third piece of the shale revolution is all about timing. As the world shifts from globalized supply chains to more localized and secure means of production, utilizing cheaper energy sources and products will be essential.

The US has become the lowest-cost-highest-quality producer of intermediate materials, meaning much of the leg work to reshore supply chains and manufacturing has already been done. So what do we have to show for it?

Between agriculture, wiring, textiles and refined products, the US has shaken up dozens of industries and ramped up reshoring efforts. While industrial construction spending has grown significantly, we must maintain that growth to retain this newly added competitive advantage.

Reshaping the US manufacturing landscape is no easy feat, but access to cheap power and materials surely doesn’t hurt. With the foundation already laid, the US has a considerable leg up on other potential sources like China and the Persian Gulf.

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The Third Shale Revolution: Reshoring Manufacturing || Peter Zeihan

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