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Don’t Believe the GDP Hype

Also, a content poll and some housekeeping

While drinking my morning coffee and catching up on goings-on that I missed overnight, I came across this recent video from Tucker Carlson, which is well worth 13 minutes of your free time:

There’s a lot of great stuff in this speech, but one aspect that resonated with me is Tucker pointing out that nobody in DC is stating the obvious — or asking the obvious questions — and how that drives the divide between what the American people want and what Washington DC is delivering.

This reminded me of the recent GDP report showing the economy grew 4.9% in the latest quarter set against the stark reality of out-of-control prices. As is typical for the Biden administration, the president ignores reality, touts numbers out of manipulated reports, and claims the economy is going great:

And there’s no doubt a large section of the bought-off media is on board with pushing Biden’s economic fantasies, even against the overwhelming tide of real-world experience of real-world Americans. Check out this HuffPost article:


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