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Hollywood on Strike: The Future of Writers and Actors

by Peter Zeihan on November 7, 2023

The entertainment industry is changing, and the writers and actors are making sure their voices are heard. With all the technological changes hitting Hollywood, strikes like these shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As we’ve seen with the fall of Blockbuster or the demise of RedBox, this industry is constantly evolving. The old revenue models must be reimagined and updated as we move into the streaming service era.

But what does that mean for the screenwriters who can no longer determine viewership metrics and get paid royalties? Or for the background actors sacrificing their digital rights so CGI copies of them can be made and used forever?

This strike is an inevitable step in Hollywood’s evolution, and these questions will change the industry forever.

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Hollywood on Strike: The Future of Writers and Actors || Peter Zeihan

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