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How Does the U.S. Pay for TWO Wars? (w/ Richard Wolff)

After the siege of Gaza began, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sought to assuage the public about America’s investment in Israel: Don’t worry, she said, we can afford two wars — both the war in Ukraine and Israel’s bombardment of Palestine. I asked Marxist economist, New School professor, & Janet Yellen’s classmate: Is she right? What about the inflationary effect of military spending? Do alternative ways to address inflation like a wage/price freeze undermine our labor goals? And what’s next for the Cornel West campaign? We discuss it all on this week’s free episode. Subscribe to Bad Faith on YouTube to access our full video library. Find Bad Faith with Briahna Joy Gray on Twitter (@badfaithpod) and Instagram (@badfaithpod). Theme by Nick Thorburn (@nickfromislands)

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