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Hope for the future

If, 30 years ago, you told the founders of WIRED that the internet they were optimistic would change human society would, indeed, change our society—just not wholly in ways they would expect—they’d be shocked. As part of our 30th anniversary celebration, we’re pleased to announce LiveWIRED, taking place on December 5, 2023, in WIRED’s hometown and the backyard of the tech industry: San Francisco, California.


LiveWIRED is the culmination of our yearlong anniversary celebration, where you’ll be able to meet and hear from some of those early-internet luminaries as they wrestle with the tool they created and its social impact. You’ll also hear big ideas about how to address the existential problems facing humanity in the next 30 years, from climate change and food scarcity to the next great space race and how the entertainment industry of tomorrow will adapt to the pressures of today.


The event is free to attend, but space is limited, so apply now if you’d like to join us for smart conversation, good music, and a gathering of people who may just save the world, if we let them.


If you haven’t kept up with our series “In Defense of the Future,” where we’ve been showcasing the people and technologies making the world a better place, stop by our anniversary site to read more. Most recently we’ve highlighted how tech is helping to lift Brazilians living in the favelas out of poverty, how gene-edited yeast is changing the world of craft beer, and how we should consider predictions and what they’re ultimately good for.

—Alan Henry, Special Projects Editor
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For more of the people, platforms, and organizations that give us hope for the future, visit WIRED30.

Celebrating 30 Years 

Join us on December 5 at LiveWIRED for a one-day thought-provoking event featuring some of the most influential people in tech, business, science, entertainment, and beyond. Celebrating WIRED’s 30th anniversary, we’ll explore technology’s impact on our past, present, and future—and dig into solutions and our optimistic vision for the next 30 years.
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