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Confessions of a McKinsey Whistleblower

Nation Weekly
September 8, 2023
Garrison Lovely joined McKinsey & Company hoping to change the world for the better. But he quickly learned that “not only does McKinsey fail to make the world better—it often colludes with those who make the world worse.”

Breaking perhaps McKinsey’s strongest taboo—their code of silence—his latest cover story for The Nation offers us a rare look behind the curtain of the soul-crushing, morally bankrupt, top-secret culture of one of the world’s most powerful management consulting firms.

Confessions of a McKinsey Whistleblower
Inside the soul-crushing, morally bankrupt, top-secret world of our most powerful consulting firm.
Garrison Lovely
The Tyranny of the Parking Lot
Finding space for cars has remade the built world. A new history uncovers just how much our lives revolve around parking.
Ben Furnas
Can Brandon Presley Shake Up Mississippi Politics?
The second cousin of Elvis Presley is running for governor in a state where Democrats hardly get elected.
John Nichols
A Year Later, the Water Crisis in Jackson Has Gone From Acute to Chronic
And the officials in charge of fixing the situation seem more interested in privatization than accountability.
Makani Themba
The Show Must Go On: Behind the Scenes at a Tennessee Drag Show
Meet the performers serving queer education in a deep-red state.
Zee Scout
Heather Cox Richardson on “Our Authoritarian Experiment“’”
On this episode of the Start Making Sense podcast, conversations about Trump, Chile, and “the other 9-11.”
Jon Wiener
Basketball Butterfly Effect Part III: MJ in Portland?
On this episode of Edge of Sports, Arya Shirazi discusses Michael Jordan and Michael Oher.
Dave Zirin

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