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Gabriel Winant
Eight and Skate

Today’s iteration of the United Auto Workers—now on a decisive strike—is both a renewal of an old tradition and a new creation.

Larry Rohter
Searching for the True Brazil

The writer Mário de Andrade advocated a lusty embrace of the indigenous elements of Brazilian culture.

George B. Stauffer
Where Are the Women Composers?

An engaging multiple biography draws the reader deep into the lives of four British women who attempted to forge careers in the male-dominated field of music composition.

Jérôme Tubiana
‘We Fight Today, We’ll Wrestle Tomorrow’

Imported to the capital by communities displaced in the country’s wars, wrestling has become one of Sudan’s political battlegrounds.

Dream (as the Boat)

a poem by
Claire DeVoogd

but that is water, and I the unsure, un-
believable sense, to see as
though my eyes were changed
by the taking off of
habit, that habit of waking up…

Free from the Archives

Among the supporting cast of habitués at the Reagan White House were Carroll Righter, Joan Quigley, and Joyce Jillson, astrologers whom the president and first lady came to rely on for advice about schedules and, on one occasion, vice presidential candidates. In the Review’s June 30, 1988, issue, Martin Gardner chronicled Ron and Nancy’s longtime obsession with star charts, from Las Vegas to Sacramento to Washington, D.C., and asked how, in the face of thousands of years of skeptics and empirical studies that demonstrated “a total lack of correlation between star patterns and anything that relates to a person’s character or future,” astrology—and belief in the paranormal more generally—had come to pervade modern life.

Martin Gardner
Seeing Stars

“This suggests an interesting question to ask the President. Does he or Mrs. Reagan, or both, believe in reincarnation? If so, it would conflict with his professed Protestant evangelical faith, but no more so than astrology does, and we all know that contradictory notions of all sorts can bounce around harmlessly inside Reagan’s head.”

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